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World Environment Day-2015

June 5th is World Environment Day!
Here are four things you can do without moving out of your seat- just by using your mobile phone

June 5th is celebrated as World Environment Day worldwide.  At IndianWildlifeclub, we have decided to make a connection to our environment through birds.   So what are theFOUR things you can do without leaving your seat and as you read this mail?

Number 1.
We have three interesting quizzes on birds which can be attempted online (any number of times, till you get them right!)

Number 2

Download free mobile apps relating to Indian birds from our store by clicking on  
All these apps are extremely user-friendly, simple and targeted at the amateur.   Next time you step out of your home, be sure your mobile has these apps in them.

Number 3
Watch a 20 minute documentary on our National Bird at the link 

Next time you see the dancing peacock, you will appreciate this bird of the pheasant family even more.    If there is one bird which is so much part of our folklore and music, it is Sarang-The Peacock.

Number 4
 Bird watching is a hobby which grows on you.  It helps you to spend time outdoors, network with others and opens out a whole new world of nature!   Observing birds is now a science called "Ornithology".   
Enroll for an online Ornithology Program conducted by BNHS (Bombay Natural History Society).  This one year course will earn you a valuable certificate which students can use to explain a gap year when they go for admissions/jobs.  With soft skills getting more and more important while interviewing for jobs,   this is a certificate every young man and woman must possess.

A must have certificate for bird guides in Parks and sanctuaries (Get your organization to fund/subsidize the fees!)

Last date of applying 20th June, 2015
Course fee Rs 9990/-
IndianWildlifeclub members get a 5% discount on the fees when they apply and pay online.

Click on the link below to apply

Happy Environment Day
Team IWC

Sesame flowers in a field in Madhya Pradesh

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