Members Speak

Members Speak

Here is a query from Dr. Sudipta Mitra.

Let me introduce my self as a member of the Indian Wild life club and a Kolkata based wild life enthusiast and photographer, observing and photographing Indian wild life all over the country (though by profession I am doctor). It is really a pleasure to interact with like-minded people like you, even from the far eastern part of the country.

To cut the long story short I would like to inform you that in the end of the month of February 2004 I have planned to visit Gir sanctuary for about 7 days and for that reason I really need your help.

Could you please inform me that whether tourists are allowed to visit the National Park area of the forest or, the rides are only restricted to the Sanctuary area outside the national park ? Are Maruti Gypsies allowed inside?

Expensive Taj hotel is not affordable to me for such a long period. Could you please suggest any other standard hotel at Sasan and the contact numbers of the same? Sinh Sadan cannot be ensured before 15 days and the booking is uncertain.

Any useful information or contacts of any useful person regarding the subject will be extremely helpful to me.

Picture sent by Mr. W. Jeberson.

Rare picture of white coloured peacock with ordinary peacock from Thiruparamkuntam which is located near Madurai at Tamilnadu

Sent by

Jeberson , Asst. Prof. in Allahabad Agricultural Institute -Deemed University and also Indian wildlife club member .

" I am a nature observer mainly on plants,birds and animals. I got this pictue from a Tamil daily 'Dinamalar'. I know about the place where this photo is taken.It is a village near Madurai one of the city in Tamilnadu. In this place usually there are number of wild pecocks.This peacocks are not farm bred. This peacock is a rare one which may be bred by natural genetic mutation.

I know the place Thiruparamkuntam because my native place is in Tamilnadu and I had my Post graduation in Madurai Kamaraj University , Madurai. This village is about 10km from Madurai city at

Tamilnadu. Thiruparamkuntam is famous for Hindus in Tamilnadu because it is a Holy place where a temple for Lord Muruga is situated. It is beleived by the people that Peacock is the vehicle of Lord
Muruga. If we see the picture/Idol of Lord Muruga we can see Muruga sitting above peacock or with
peacocks. People in this place give respect to peacocks . They don't kill or disturb them instead they worship them as God. In that place we can see peacocks every where. They live freely without any fear."

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