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We are revamping the website of and are looking forward to inputs that will help us improve.  Please answer the following questions and send them to the email id       



1.       Why do you visit


2.       What do you enjoy most @ and why?

(Interactive features like chat, trip reports writing feature, etc./Information regarding environmental topics/Product store on (photos, videos, artifacts, etc) /Ezine/Quiz /Any others please specify)

3.       What are the 3 most important aspects which can improve on (features-wise or content-wise)?


4.       Which are the sites similar to that you visit?


5.       What are the top 3 things that you like most about other sites similar to that you visit (features-wise or content-wise)?


6.       Which interactive features would you like to have and why? (example: chat/discussion boards/blogs/etc)


7.       What environment related content would you like to have? (example: pets/gardening/birds/forest/eco-travel/photographs/news etc)


8.       What nature related activities would you like to offer you? (example:  eco-travel/nature-photography/etc)


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