A visit to Kutch Marine National Park ( Part II)

- Chaitanya Nimavat

 At night, a sky, full of stars, was just an open treasure for us. Because of no lights surrounding, the visibility was clearer and we saw three times more stars then we can see from city.

The morning was amazing! The Sun was rising from the glowing water. And we were ready to go for another treasure trek in knee deep water. We saw many things, creatures. worms and vegetation.

Colorful corals of various sizes and shapes namely, Fevia, Gonoria, Star coral, brain coral etc...We saw octopus, puffer fish, which puffs its body if u catch it and releases soon and swims away rapidly. It’s so poisonous that nobody eats it.

We also saw sea hare, tube worm, sea anemone, sand dollar, algae, chunks, mollusks. We were looking for a Bonelia worm which was not found. It’s a very typical kind of worm. It’s gender is not confined by it’s birth. but when it’s in larvae form, it floats in water, if it finds any female Bonelia, it sticks to it and becomes a male but if it doesn’t find a female, it becomes a female. In the whole world, two kind of Bonelia are found. The first one, Ikedella misakiensis, which is found at three places in the world, including Pirotan. The second one , Ikedosoma Pirotanesis, is found only at Pirotan in the whole world.

Then the water started to rise because it was tide time again. We had to walk back hurriedly because we were 3 kilo meter’s away from the shore. We reached the Light house. It is run by solar energy. Pirotan Island is a real treasure to see the marine life. And we must try diligently to save our kind of rich treasure to survive.

It was really an exciting and unforgettable experience of our life. We’ll remember it for lifetime.

( Photographs of sand dollar, puffer and sea hare by Chaitanya Nimavat)

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