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Biodiversity Conservation

A one-day seminar on Biodiversity Conservation is Planned in Mumbai on Feb 12.
There would be invited talks and panel discussions by experts.

Vijnan Bharati, Mumbai

Introduction The human race has befitted immensely from the wide diversity of life forms on earth. The current excessive utilization of this biodiversity, however, has raised strong doubts about its sustenance and hence Biodiversity Conservation has become the prime need of the hour. The society can become conscious of this urgent need only through an understanding of its scientific, technological and social facets. The educated class has greater responsibility in this respect, including a thoughtful promotion of necessary action at all levels. In appreciation of this need, Vijnan Bharati, Mumbai, proposes to hold a one-day seminar on ‘Biodiversity Conservation’ at Mumbai on February 12, 2010, in association with Deccan Education Society’s Kirti College, Mumbai under the technical guidance and support of well known experts like Dr. Madhav Gadgil , Dr. Shyam Asolekar and Dr. Sharad Chaphekar.
The seminar is being organized with a view to bring the expert knowledge on the subject within the reach of the common man so as to create an informed and balanced awareness in the society on Biodiversity Conservation and start a fruitful interaction. Programme The programme would consist of sessions having invited talks by experts so as to bring out different aspects of the seminar theme, a group discussion by specialists focusing on the biodiversity around Mumbai and a panel discussion cum open session on ‘Role of NGO’s and individuals in Biodiversity Conservation Efforts’ followed by the creation of a Biodiversity Forum.

The audience would consist of a spectrum of persons, having background or interest in related topics, including researchers, teachers, engineers, professionals, students and common citizens. The delegates are likely to have an opportunity of listening to speeches by experts like Justice Dharmadhikari, Dr. Asad Rahmani, Dr. Sanjay Deshmukh, Dr. Ambika Joshi & Dr. Sharad Chaphekar, apart from some informative discussions by some distinguished expert panel members.

It is proposed to use this occasion to display a set of posters on topics related to the theme of the seminar, to be prepared by groups of degree students of selected colleges so as to encourage their understanding of the subject through creative abilities. The exhibition will be open throughout the seminar day for the benefit of the delegates.

Venue The Seminar would be held at D. E. Society’s auditorium in Kirti College campus; from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Registration would start at 9.00 a.m. College & School teachers / Vijnan Bharati members The fees are to be paid in advance along with duly filled and signed registration forms, in cash / local cheques / D.D. (outstation), to be drawn in favor of ‘Vijnan Bharati ’. In case of bank money transfer, call the contacts below for account details.

All registered delegates would be provided seminar facilities, registration material as well as tea, refreshments & working lunch. Tel : 9820260491 e-mail : Dr. Durgadas Bagul, Secretary, Vijnan Bharati, Tel : 9819253970 e-mail :

Dr. Madhav Gadgil, Dr. Shyam Asolekar, Dr. Sharad Chaphekar, Shri Ravindra Pawar, Advocate Sandip Thakur. , Shri Jayant Sahasrabuddhe. Organizing Committee : Dr. Suhas Pednekar (Chairrnan), Shri G.K.Bhide, Dr. Hemant Pednekar, Dr. D.G. Bagul, Dr. Madhav Rajwade, Dr. Govind Paratkar, Dr. Vidyadhar Walavalkar, Seminar Committee : Dr. Bhalchandra Bhawe ( Convener), Shri Subhash Bhagwat , Dr. Jayant Joshi, Shri Vasant Deokar, Dr. Chitra Joshi, Ms. Supriya Kale, Dr. Nandini Deshmukh, Dr. Chetan Ponkshe, Dr. Sankaran, Dr. Vibha Mehra, Dr. Nandini Bondale.

*Trail to Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary*

As one travels further north through SGNP, crossing over to the mainland,
you will reach Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, a little gem of a place with
a high birding potential. Being on the mainland there is a perceptible
change in topography of this semi evergreen forest.
Huge boulders wash down by countless streams and gigantic trees dot this
rough landscape.

Tungareshwar WLS is very well known for erratic sightings. A Crested Serpent
Eagle may be calling out in earnest for his mate, while a low bare tree may
give temporary shelter to a Shikra. One can see Magpie Robins, Eurasian
Golden Oriole, Chestnut Shouldered Pertronias, Golden fronted Chloropsis,
Racket tailed drongo and so on . Join us on a trail to Tungareshwar and
explore for its hidden gems, you never know what may cross your path.

*Date*: *Saturday*, 5th February 2011

*Place:* Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, Mumbai.

*Resource Person:* Mr. Saurabh Sawant
Naturalist and Wildlife Photographer
*Co-ordinator :* Ms. Neeta Jadhav

Timing: 07.00am to 11.00am
*Meeting Time:*
06.50am at Vasai Station (East) near ticket counter.
07.30am at Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary Base (near Sitaram Baba Ashram).

*How to Reach:*

Rickshaw on sharing bases are available just outside the Vasai- east station
which will drop you to the base of Tungareshwar WLS. The rickshaws charge
Rs.20 to Rs. 25 per person. It takes almost half and hour to reach
Tungareshwar WLS Base from Vasai station by rickshaw.

Vasai Phata is approximately 20 kms. from Dahisar check Naka on the Mumbai-
Ahmedabad High way. Take a right from Vasai Phata which will lead to the
main gate of the sanctuary.
Reach Tungareshwar WLS Base : 07.30am

*Charges:* NONE
Group Size: 20
Queries & Registration Contact: Neeta Jadhav +91 9167344388


"Its that time of year again when we fill the gas in our cars, put on our
best walking shoes, load up on books and binoculars and scopes and dash all
around Delhi and neighbouring sites madly ticking off birds on our list!
It is the day when we try and infect all newcomers with our enthusiasm and
celebrate the fact that despite all its faults, our city still plays host to
numerous species of birds and we make an effort to spread awareness and
ensure it remains that way. This is the big event, the marathon of birding
so get set and sign up for it.

In the evening we meet for a contributory dinner

A few teams below and need more volunteers to start new teams from new
places and to join the ones below

Bhindawas: Suresh Sharma, Koshy, Jagat and Rahul Jain
Dadri: Anand Arya
Basai: Sheila, Chandrima
JNU, Sanjay Van, Hauz Khas Lake, Aravalis: SP
Sultanpur: Ravi Chand, Namita, Medha, Nilanjana
Jaipur: Manoj Kulshretra, Gaurav Bhatnagar, Mayank Bhatnagar
Sonepat: Suresh Sharma, Gaggu
Chandigarh - Narbir
Team WWF - Ravi Singh, Mita
Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve - Aditya Singh, Salim Ali

As always we have Bikram Grewal computing the final lists, so all lists in the
evening to go to him.


Wild Tuskers Society announces a 5 day “WILDLIFE TRAINING COURSE” starting on 24th Feb - 2011 for the wildlife enthusiasts who want to gain knowledge about wildlife and work for it. WTS will provide a certificate to the participants. This course will give a comprehensive practical knowledge about wildlife which will help participants immensely in ‘Wildlife conservation and protection’

The content of the 5 days course will give you complete knowledge of Wildlife including their behavior, animal classification, identifying bird and reptiles, wildlife photgraphy and lots more.

Kindly mail at or call at 09012226130 for more details

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