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Rescue of Barasingha (swamp deer) Trophies

Rescue of Barasingha (swamp deer) Trophies

-Text and photographs by Prajakta Hushangabadkar

Angad,Sachin,Akil and Prajakta members of People for Animals in Amravati,  trapped medicine shop keeper selling animal parts illegally. Trophies of Barasingha horns and Porcupine quills were found in the shop. 

The parts are sold by the people for medicinal use, like cough and some skin diseases. Trophies having weight near about 3kg each were seized by us. Shop keeper sold each porcupine thorn for Rs 10/- for per 20 gram of piece of barasingha horn Rs 20/- was charged.  The illegal business has been on for the last 25 years, we understand. Porcupine thorns are used as an Antioxidant.

 Barasingha comes under “INDIAN WILDLIFE PROTECTION ACT” SHEDULE I.  The few number of barasingha that remain are found in India only at Kanha forest.    I think these guys really did a great job with help of forest department Amravati. Keep doing work guys.
If you know people who work for wildlife rescue and conservation share with us by mail by sending  photos and a paragraph about the work, information, achievement in wildlife conservation etc, so that others get motivated to do the same. Thank you.

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