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Babbler and Drongo Cuckoo
The above picture was uploaded by
Surendra Agnihotri  in facebook group Indian birds-

"Today morning while birding at Gorewada Lake, I came across this phenomena of bringing up of Cuckoo kids by foster parents. Strangely this time it was Yellow Eyed Babbler who raised this Drongo Cuckoo chick! Too small a mother for this big big baby!!! BTW we thought this baby to be Asian Koel but later on correctly identified by Biju Pb at http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150336273086262&set=a.10150336267801262.343486.504511261&type=3&theater

The books tell me that Drongo Cuckoo migrates to Himalayan region and NE India during summers and breeds mainly in South India and Sri Lanka. There are very few records of presence of this bird in Central India. (This pic is from Nagpur). I think this should be the only record demonstrating Drongo Cuckoo's preferred host i.e. small babblers."
By: Surendra Agnihotri

Himalayan Griffon on an Oak tree.
Gulaba, Himachal Pradesh, india
6 october 2011

The above picture was uploaded by Arijit Banerjee in facebook group Indian birds-

Checkered Keelback (from Mizoram). 5'8" long, the longest I've seen for this

Hrima posted in Snakefear and Snakelovers  Read more at the link


Lily Moth
Rekha Shahane
Hiranandani garden, Pawai. posted in facebook group Diversity India

Indian Giant Squirrel (Ratufa Indica) — at Dalma WLS - 16/10/2011.this is from Dalma Widlife Sanctuary, Jharkhand (Jamsshedpur)

Posted by Vivek Sen in facebook group Wildlife Photographers
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