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Droplets of Love

The first droplets, the fresh scent of earth.... The landscape of KUTCH is
once again live with beautiful wildflowers, grasses, birds insect.... Humans....
Like us....

Mother earth heard the peacocks on the roof calling out to the August rains
the clouds loomed on the horizon the thunder and the peacock's cries brought
children into the streets with the first drops falling and the rising smell of
newly wet earth in the rain soaking them dancing where the birds spread out
their tails with the eye of god upon them calling she began to understand
mounting the peacock's back flying up into the storm among lightning bolts and
the rising smell of the thirsty earth drinking this the monsoon season's first
rain. Like the blessings from above, the clouds sprinkle what is fondly referred
as the "droplets of love."

Mother Earth tenders her blessings in the form of a seductive smell rising
from the soil. Mating calls of peacocks gleefully blend with their amorous
dances to attract the peahens. Children rush out into the streets, catching the
first raindrops in their open mouths. The view of BHUJIA HILL is just like
heaven on earth ... The beautiful fort bathing in the first rain droplets.. The
fog gathers around the hill... The White-breasted kingfisher calling out his
song a loud... The white-throated munia flock resting on caltropic's tree..

Extracts from posting by
-Arpit Deomurari

Network And System Administrator
K-Link, Kutch Nav Nirman Abhiyan
Dr. Rajaram Campus, Nr. St. Xavier's School

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