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 In addition to the usual features in our e-zine, please do not miss out the following additional information on our website.

  • A new article “ Human Elephant Conflict-an Environmental Tragedy” by Ankur Chaturvedi has been uploaded in our Club Chapters page. This page has evolved to host studies and in depth articles on issues whose relevance, we feel, goes beyond our monthly write-ups. Read this article at the following link. There is also a well researched “ Road Map for Conservation in Uttaranchal” by A.J.T JohnSingh which is worth going through.



    We have so far hosted fifty quiz programs on various topics. We thank all the members who have been attempting these on a regular basis. We also felt it is time to take a break!

    So this month we have a poll on the steps one is taking to protect the environment. Please click on the various options only if you are actually practicing them. We will analyse and publish the results to see where we, members IndianWildlifeClub, stand in protecting the environment.

    ……..And Views

    “ Nothing is more fascinating for your health than Nature. A new study, published in theBritish Medical Journal , found that contact with nature can improve an individual's health and well –being.

    According to researchers, use of wildlife in some therapies is reported to improve quality of life, and smaller animals, like squirrels, owls and raccoons, have been used successfully in therapies for children with emotional and behavioural problems.

    People who take part in conservation projects report subjective health benefits, ascribed to being outdoors and to feeling part of a greater system. Such projects can help overcome social isolation, develop skills, and improve employment prospects, as well as provide the benefits associated with exercise. Researchers said although initial research has been promising, a health impact assessment of wildlife projects is required to determine their objective therapeutic value.

    Partnerships between healthcare providers and nature organizations could create new policies that recognize the interdependence between healthy people and healthy ecosystems.


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