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  Given below are a few very good suggestions given by our members in theonline feedbackform.

  • Animal sponsorship. Members can pay a small donation to sponsor a particular species or programme. Great way of generating cash that can be put directly back into the environment.
  • The site should have meetings and discussions with members at some halls and should inform the members about wild life breaking news by their e mails
  • Perhaps you would like to ask for contributions from the members. I would like to contribute views and short articles from time to time, as I already write short middles for the Times of India. How do I contribute?

Our comments.  

Team IWC do hope that one day we will have enough funds to start sponsoring animals. As you all know we do not accept donations from anyone, but sponsorships for specific projects/activities are welcome.

Meeting in groups to discuss issues is an excellent idea and we believe some of our members are already taking the initiative to create local groups for bird watching/ trekking/ film viewing etc. About wildlife breaking news emails, one is not too sure, since most of us receive more mails than we can manage. But we are considering introducing a weekly bulletin on breaking news sometime.

Contributing to “Wildbytes” is easy. Just send in your original contribution (300-400 words with at least one photograph to illustrate) If scanned photos are used, please give source details. We accept only online contributions.

Archives of IWC

Did you know that we have 42 quiz programs on wildlife and environment waiting in our archives to be explored?

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You can submit the answers online to test your knowledge. As soon as you submit the answers, we also provide you with a link for the correct answers.

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And VIEWS………….

  “ In my opinion, investing in the protection and conservation of the environment, including the Congo basin ecosystem, would be pre-emptying future conflicts and instead investing in peace. This is the message that the Norwegian Nobel Committee sent to the world when it awarded the 2004 prize to me. We must rethink peace and security and promote activities that promote cultures of peace.”

  -Wangari Maathai, who received the Nobel Peace prize last year for her dedication to the conservation of the environment by planting trees all over Africa , in her address to the FAO meeting on forests in Rome on 15 March 2005  

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