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News............. took shape from the belief that environmental and conservation issues can be solved only when the common man is involved-involved on a daily basis, seized of the matter in all that he does. Wildlife Scientists, Forest Officers and Naturalists have their hands full. Can the common man pitch in? Certainly. To prove this point, we have revamped our “ Club Chapters” on the homepage, This page will now feature field studies and practical suggestions by IWC members who are seized of the problem. That we have a major problem moving away from nature is now accepted by all thinking persons. So write in. Your suggestions can form part of our think tank.

Bird lovers have been worried about the disappearance of the chirpy sparrows from urban areas; a plantation consultant decided to make some careful observations.

Click here to read about a field study of sparrows in Mysore .

Read a proposal submitted by a Railway officer to save the narrow gauge in Jabalpur and thereby save disturbance to two major National Parks in Madhya Pradesh. It is this kind of holistic thinking on the part of our decision makers that can help nature and wildlife.

Click here to read this proposal.

Even as this ezine is uploaded, the dredging for the Sethu Samudram Canal is about to start. We have an article on the subject which helps understand the issues involved better.

Click here to read it.

The trek through Kawal Sanctuary continues. The trekkers are now more involved- asking questions of the villagers at Udhampur to understand their mindset.

....................and Views.

"We have to change our idea of water because there isn't enough water for everything. This is the reality and it should be apparent to any one with any intelligence.”

“What's important for Spain , as a country, is to accept droughts as a normal occurrence, not a punishment from God or a biblical plague. It's simply a condition of our environment and this ought to encourage us to manage and live with it. Droughts are part of our culture. Anticipation and prevention are the two recipes."

-Jaime Pallop, director of the Spanish Environment Ministry's Water Department.

"To get wood we don't have to destroy the forest but rather look after it. It's the same with water; We must recuperate our rivers and aquifers. That's the new culture of water- sustainable and prudential."

-Pedro Arrojo, whose work in water conservation won him San Francisco 's prestigious Goldman environmental prize in 1999.

(Quoted in the Associated Press)

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