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Some of you have been inquiring about the offline activities of You can go through a list activities we have involved ourselves with by clicking here. . Our members are active in NGOs like BNHS, WWF etc. However, our vision is to network people online and share information. Hence the emphasis on online interactive features. Our online chat has been generating a lot of information which gets shared with club members. We would like to see more participation in our monthly chats. Remember we are a bunch of wildlife lovers and not wildlife experts!! So feel free and let us have your views/queries in the chat session. Individual queries send through e-mail may not always get answered. But do post them in the yahoo group or ask them during the chat - we shall try and answer them.


A sulphur crested cockatoo in Delhi? This cockatoo has been around Saket area of Delhi for more than a month. Has it escaped from the zoo or from the cages of a pet owner? It seems pet cockatoos do return to their owners even if they break free. This white-feathered beauty with sulphur crest has been enjoying the canopy of ficus trees unmindful of the tauntings by crows. Green pigeons who occupy the same canopy and parakeets seem to tolerate the cockatoo. Could this bird have migrated all the way from the Far East? Hope an ornithologist among us will respond to this.

Be creative!

The tiger contest online closes in September. So hurry and send in your entries. We are giving away three attractive prizes for the best entries. So, log in with your email id and password for and write a script in 100 words for the slide show. Please remember to fill in your email id in the online entry form. This enables us to identify the contestants. Click here to enter the contest.

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Here is an appeal courtesy the yahoo group " EarthScapes"

Dear friends,

Kindly respond with solidarity and strengthen this campaign to avoid the catastrophe that the Uranium Corporation of India‘s action is going to unleash on unsuspecting citizens of Andhra Pradesh!

THE UCIL- Uranium Corporation of India Limited – is planning to start mining and processing of Uranium ore in Nalgonda District. The proposed mining area is in Reserve Forest covered by notified “Rajiv Gandhi Tiger Sanctuary” and it is right above Nagarjuna Sagar abutting reservoir limits. The Processing Plant being located in the close proximity of Akkampally Reservoir. All preparations are underway to begin work from early next year. Uranium under the earth is safe. But, once it is taken out into the open, the radiation which this metal emits due to the constant decaying activity called radioactivity, will affect all the living and non-living things which come into contact with it. This includes humans, animals, trees, fish, the soil, the water, the entire food chain and everything else. And this metal continues to effect for many generations. Once ingested it stays in the eco-systems. It is known to create many health hazards like physical deformities, cancers, tuberculosis to name but a few.

This project poses unreasonable risk to Public health by virtue of its proximity to a major river and drinking water source point for over 800 villages, 2 major towns, as well as Hyderabad. The best available Technologies, Methods & Practices could not contain Uranium from entering in to the Food chain in the past in India or any where in the world. Jaduguda is a case and point. Jabiluka in Australia is another example.

• All abandoned Uranium Mining & Refining sites in USA are under NPL list for major remedial action.

• There are over 100 Uranium Mining & Refining sites in the world. There is not even a single mining
operation located adjacent to a major river, so close to a Major City drinking water supply source.

• These mines were always located in a remote location to minimize public health risk.

• In the USA - the Navajo Indians have suffered from uranium mining

• The people of Jabulika in Australia are opposing uranium mining

• The health of the people of Jaduguda in Jharkhand, is being jeopardized, due to the harmful radiation emitted by the mining and processing of uranium ore, for more than 20 years.

• The government of Meghalaya has withdrawn its temporary clearance for survey and exploration by UCIL
in their state.


Write in your protests and send mails to the President and the Prime Minister of India and the Chief Minister
of Andhra Pradesh asking them to stop this. (Please send cc copies to all the others mentioned below).

1 President of India
2 Prime Minister of India
Fax No. 11-23019545 & 23016857
3 Governor, AP
4 Chief Minister AP
5 Minister E&F, GOI
6 Secretary, Ministry E& F, GOI
7 Chief Secretary, AP
8 Pr.Secretary, Dept E&F, AP
9 Member Secretary, APPCB info@apspcb.orgv


Issued in Public Interest by:
“Movement Against Uranium Project”( MAUP ) 540, Road.
No: 12, Banjara Hills Hyderabad – 500034

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