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SIGNATURE CAMPAIGN to Stop Reopening Tiger Trade in China.



Copying below is a letter being sent  to the PM.


Anyone who would like to sign on, please send an email with name and designation as you would like it included , to Joanna  Van Gruisen at   email id

Please reply before 5th December 2007 


Honourable Prime Minister

Dr. Manmohan Singh

South Block, Raisina Hill

New Delhi

Honourable Prime Minister,

In preparation for your forthcoming engagement with China’s political leaders, we the undersigned respectfully request that conservation of wild tigers be included on your agenda for discussion.

The Government of China is currently under pressure from a handful of businessmen to lift China’s domestic tiger trade ban and open trade in factory-farmed tiger parts and products. Thanks to India’s leadership, the 171 CITES member countries have recently taken an emphatic stand against the factory farming of tigers for the trade in their parts and derivatives.

We recognize and commend you for your commitment to saving wild tigers. It is critical to wild tigers that this be mirrored by your counterparts in China, as reigniting demand among China’s 1.4 billion consumers would stimulate demand for the purported superior quality of wild tiger parts. Sadly, China has lost all but perhaps 50 of its wild tigers. Any reopening of tiger trade in China would doom India’s own wild tigers to a similar fate.

A recent survey shows that a majority of the Chinese public is in favour of keeping China’s tiger trade ban in place, for the sake of wild tigers and China’s image. In January 2008, the traditional Chinese medicine community will host an international meeting to discuss its success in finding effective alternatives to tiger bone as its contribution to tiger conservation. Furthermore, China’s leadership is not aware of the potentially devastating fallout for wild tigers from reopening trade of any kind from any source.

It would be shameful to lose the wild tiger to the greed of a few. We request that you alert China’s leaders to India’s concern for the survival of wild tigers. We urge you to make the submission that China’s tiger trade ban be made permanent. You have it within your power to open the way for India and China, together, to fully and effectively enforce existing international and domestic laws and stop the killing of wild tigers.

We thank you for your consideration of this request and stand ready to assist you with any further information you may need regarding this issue of grave importance to the future of wild tigers in India.

With our sincere gratitude for your attention,

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