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A request to IWC members

This request is going out to all IWC members but in particular to those members who have done online environment courses with BNHS.in any of the four following programs.
Leadership in Biodiversity

This mail is also directly addressed to the volunteers who worked with WRCS during 2013-14.  

We plan to publish  stories of people who worked for environment conservation in NGOs in the last one year in either waste management, clean energy, Bio-diversity or wildlife protection.   The work can be either as volunteers, project managers or short term employment.  We would like to hear in your own words the experiences of working in these fields.  You can send in upto 300 words with upto five photographs in .jpg format (photographs must be sent separately).

You are also welcome to send in quiz programs (ten questions with three choice of answers).   You can have a look at our quiz page for guidance in format and content.  We do not encourage purely academic questions.      

Please also send in contact information of NGOs for which you worked and if it is willing to engage more volunteers.

a. Contact details
   Name of Organisation to be displayed:
   Website of the Organisation:
   Name of Contact person:
b. Organisation Profile
   Brief description of kinds of Projects undertaken: (CSR projects for corporates/central government projects/local projects /others )
   List of current and upcoming projects :
   Location of your projects: what  is local and what  would require people to travel to remote locations.
   Duration of Projects:
   Strength of staff in your organisation(permanent & temporary):
c. Expectations from Volunteers
   How frequently do they need volunteers in the near future?
   What kind of profile of volunteers/people is required? (Skilled/unskilled- to be trained/ unskilled- no traning required)
d. A brief write-up of the organisation that you would like to showcase:

Please send the details by email to Dr.Susan Sharma at susan_sharma@hotmail.com copy to Mr.Sushant Gupta at 

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