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Answers to Quiz on Frogs and Toads

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Right Answer to Quiz on Frogs and Toads

1.Frogs are bio-indicators because…….
  • their eggs actually absorb water and any pollution it may contain
  • their skin absorbs oxygen and water
  • both the above  

  • 2.Frogs are collected from the wild for .............
  • environmental indicators
  • medical research
  • both the above  

  • 3.The noise a male frog makes is unique because ……….
  • the call helps to attract flying insects for food
  • the call attracts females during the mating season
  • the call indicates the onset of rain  

  • 4.The tail of a tadpole
  • is reabsorbed into the body
  • drops off when it begins to turn into a frog
  • is eaten by other frogs as an important source of food  

  • 5.Difference between a frog and a toad is …..
  • frog is an amphibian while toad lives on land
  • frog eggs are in a clump while toads eggs are in a chain
  • frogs skin is moist and smooth and have non-webbed feet  

  • 6.Frog legs are a delicacy in many countries. From India the main species exported is
  • painted frog
  • common tree frog
  • bull frog  

  • 7.A frog`s diet consists of…..
  • water absorbed through their skin
  • algae and plant matter
  • anything that moves and can fit into its mouth  

  • 8.In this species of frogs, a fully formed froglet hatches out of the egg
  • bull frogs
  • tree frogs
  • black toads  

  • 9.This species is seen only in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka .............
  • Malabar gliding frog
  • Pretty bush frog
  • both the above  

  • 10.This rare frog is reddish brown with black streak through the eyes. A black lumbar spot is the identifying feature
  • pretty bush frog
  • fungoid frog
  • spotted leaping frog  

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