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Correct answers to quiz on elephants

Mr. Jayant Deshpande of Pune, Maharashtra ( is the only respondent who clicked all ten correct answers before 7th of November. Jayant will receive a surprise gift by mail

Correct answers are shown in red.

1.Asian elephants have a life span of --------------- years.
O 30-40 years

O 60-70 years

O 80-90 years

2. Asian elephants were widely tamed more than ---------------- ago

O 1000 years O 2000 years O 4000 years

3. The forest department used the method of ----------------to catch wild elephants in India.

O Kumki O Khedda O Khotal

4.The lustrous white dentin called ivory are actually--------------------- of elephants.

O upper molars O upper incisors O horns

5. Elephant families are--------------------------

O patriarchal O matriarchal O neither of these.

6.Elephant babies are carried by their mothers for---------------months.

O 9 months O 5 months O 22 months

7. 'If the tiger is the spirit of the jungle, the elephant is its body' Who wrote these words?

O Katharine Payne O Dereck Joubert O Raman Sukumar

8. To ensure long term survival of elephants, in addition to forests, forest--------------are to be protected

O paths O fauna O corridors

9. The species closest to elephants are,

O rhinos O dugongs O hippos

10.The national animal of India is the ---------------------

O elephant O tiger O lion

This month we have put on line a quiz on the tiger, India's national animal. The  first two all correct answers attempted online before 7th of December will get special gifts.Click here for quiz on tiger

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