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Answers to Quiz on Bird Sanctuaries of India

Right Answer toQuiz on Bird Sanctuaries of India

1.The first man made bird sanctuary is
  • Kaladeo Ghana
  • Vedanthangal
  • Ranganthitoo

  • 2.This bird sanctuary comprises of islands in the River Cauvery
  • Ranganthitto
  • Kumarakom
  • Manjira

  • 3.Which of the following is not a Ramsar site?
  • Kaleodev
  • Chilika
  • Sultanpur

  • 4.Possibility of watching migratory birds at close quarters makes this Bird sanctuary a global favourite
  • Kolleru
  • Thattekad
  • Kalaeodev Ghana

  • 5.The largest in terms of area (673 sq km), this bird sanctuary is also a Ramsar site
  • Neelapattu
  • Kolleru
  • Rollapadu

  • 6.This sanctuary is home to the last of the vanishing Great Indian Bustard
  • Chilika
  • Kaleodev Ghana
  • Rollapadu

  • 7.In 1985, this bird sanctuary was accepted as a world heritage site
  • Kolleru, West Godavari
  • Pulicat, Nellore
  • Keoladeo Ghana, Bharatpur

  • 8.“Flamingo colony” is reputed as the largest flamingo colony in the world. Where is this?
  • Khavda, Gujarat
  • Okhla barrage, New Delhi
  • Sewri mudflats, Mumbai

  • 9.This sanctuary on the largest brackish water lagoon has the local villagers involved in checking poaching of birds
  • Kaundinya
  • Kolleru
  • Chilika

  • 10.Asian Water Bird Census done in 1992 showed 776 sites in India. Census in 1997 showed the number of sites to be ……..
  • 125
  • 567
  • 34

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