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Right Answers to `Elephants-Part II`

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Right Answer to Quiz on elephants-Part II

1.Asian elephants attain sexual maturity around the age of --------------- years
5-6 years 13-14 years 20-21 years

2.Asian elephants were widely tamed more than ---------------- ago.
1000 years 2000 years 4000 years

3.Elephants learn as many as ....commands in a year of training
30 10 100

4.The tame elephants used to catch wild elephants in India is called ………
Kumki Khedda Khotal

5.The lustrous white dentin called ivory are actually--------------------- of elephants.
upper molars upper incisors horns

6.When male elephants want to mate, they signal it by
oestrous fluid musth fluid trumpet calls

7.Elephant babies are carried by their mothers for---------------months.
9 months 5 months 22 months

8.Who is the author of the book "Elephant Days and Nights"?
Katharine Payne George B. Schaller Raman Sukumar

9.To ensure long term survival of elephants, in addition to forests, forest--------------are to be protected.
paths fauna corridors

10.The species closest to elephants are,
rhinos dugongs hippos

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