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Correct answers to the `Snake Quiz`

All correct answers to the 'Snake Quiz' was sent by Roopam Dhawan from Chandigarh. Congrats!!

Correct answers are written in red.

A new quiz on Butterflies is online now.

1. Howmany species of snakes are there( approx.)?
O 300 O 3000 O 30,000
2. Snakes haveevolved from and are relatives of...........?
O lizards O eels O earth worms
3. Why does the cobra spread its hood ?
O hypnotise the prey O to impress the female O to scare enemies
4. Snakes have novisible ears; Can they hear airborne sounds?
O No, Probably most snakes hear nothing. O Partly, they can hear other snakes hissing O Yes
5. The largest Indian snake is the
O King Cobra O Python O Viper
6. The only snake to make a nest to lay eggs is,
O Rat snake O Rattle snake O King Cobra
7. Snakes use move about.
O spinal cord O scales O muscles
8. Snake venom is produced by modified ............................?
O thyroid glands O saliva glands O pancreas
9. Thelatin name for King Cobra is 'ophiophagus hannah' which means.............?
O snake eater O full of venom O snake with a hood
10. ................% of all snakes species are venemous
O 100% -all are more or less venemous O 1% O 30%

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