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Right Answers to Quiz on Gruiformes

This month no one have given all right answers, and have given 8 right answers.

Right Answer toQuiz on Gruiformes

1.`Gruiformes` are the diverse group of birds consisting of
  • Game Birds
  • Cranes, Rails and Bustards
  • Waders, Gulls and Auks

  • 2.The birds grouped together as ‘gruiformes’
  • Tend to look similar
  • Are seen in a particular geographical area
  • Share certain anatomical features

  • 3.Several of the world’s cranes are now endangered mainly due to
  • Drying up of rivers
  • Global Warming
  • Hunting and land drainage

  • 4.This crane spends the whole year in one locality
  • Sandhill crane
  • Siberian crane
  • Sarus crane

  • 5.The smallest of the cranes is
  • Whooping crane
  • Demoiselle crane
  • Japanese crane

  • 6.These long legged birds of the open plains are powerful runners. These are
  • Sarus cranes
  • Black necked cranes
  • Bustards

  • 7.To court a female he, 1)extends his neck and wings 2) Bows deeply 3) Then approaches the female. Who is he?
  • The Sarus crane
  • The African dancing crane
  • The Common crane

  • 8.The purple moorhen ( family :rail) is a common site at
  • Santragachi, Calcutta
  • Okhla Barrage, Delhi
  • Sewri Bay, Mumbai

  • 9.These rails get quarrelsome during breeding season. Rival males clash over territory. These are,
  • Coots
  • Crakes
  • Water cocks

  • 10.These members of ‘gruiformes’ are small, secretive birds with rounded wings and short tails and the rear toe on each foot missing. These are,
  • Partridges
  • Spur fowls
  • Button quails

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