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Posted by Udaipur Taxi Tour on February 14, 2018


There are hundreds of reasons to hire a car when vacationing in unknown city or country. Hiring a car saves you from the inconvenience of standing at the roadside and flagging down a cab. Instead you get to enjoy a stress free reliable ride right from the doorsteps of your hotel. A little heads up here try booking a car well in advance to avoid last minute rush. If you are a honeymooning couple or an individual stealing a slice of life for yourself on weekend away from the busy usual life then we recommend smaller hatchback cars that are perfect for short breaks along the sides of narrow winding roads overlooking the bright beautiful country side.

If still in doubt about hiring a car on holiday take a look at these top 5 reasons:

1.      Vacation securely: hiring a car with local driver has one top advantage of security. He knows all the lanes especially the ones to avoid due to traffic or safety concerns. Reputed companies like Udaipur Taxi Tour providing car rental service in Udaipur have a very strict procedure in place for hiring drivers. They perform extensive background checks to ensure their customer’s safety. Imagine flagging down some random taxi by the roadside and discovering later that the driver is drunk or misbehaving. What a nightmare that can be! Hire a car for your own safety.

2.      Cost: when you are a tourist you run the risk of getting tourist trapped. A taxi from point A to point B can prove to be really costly when you have no idea of the route or the prevalent price rate for a taxi in that area. You could be driven long way around for a spot nearby. Even though Google map could come handy what about the risk of being charged twice the usual amount applicable to a local. We at Udaipur Taxi Tour take special care in providing taxi services in Udaipur to our clients by having a uniform rate card applicable to all our clients irrespective of their nationality.

3.      Flexibility and freedom to explore: hiring a car gives you an added advantage of exploring the places around more freely. You do not need to worry about availability of a cab late at night in case you wish to drive around the lake in moonlight. If the mountainous terrain with lush green flora and fauna attracts you immensely then you have the luxury to stop midway and enjoy the countryside view. Hiring a car sets you free from all limitations like strict schedules, hopping local buses, running according to the city transport timings etc.

4.      Novelty and escapism: experience the thrill in exploring an all-new place from the comfort of a hired car. No hassles no tensions only fun!

5.      A friend in driver: when you hire a car from a reputed company you get a well trained courteous driver who can also be your local guide. Be respectful and you earn a friend who will happily guide you into local places, food and experiences worth investing.

Udaipur Taxi Tour has special customized Udaipur sightseeing tour packages to provide its customers the comfort of a clean and safe ride in and around the city. Taxi booking in Udaipur has never been this easy!      

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