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Posted by Susan Sharma on April 17, 2006


Dear Susan Sharma

Last week I got a copy of film "Living With the Park-Ranthambore National Park". This is a good effort made in showing what is going on in Ranthambore. I would like to thank you for making such a good short film wherein we involved in wild life conservation can get the insight of what is going on and then make a effort to set right the problems.

 I hope you will come out with more such films. I by judging quality of photography, I was able to make this film is made in handy cam; there is no that you have choosen the best company i.e. is excel video for duplicating the video. I suggest that you can use professional equipment to make these films.

Keep up the good work.



Caring for Creation

39, 1st Cross C.S.I. Compound Mission Road

Bangalore 560 027

M No 9448272978


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