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Posted by Susan Sharma on May 10, 2006


Hi Harshad,

 I found this message in yahoo group "Naturepix" which will interest you.

jugal tiwari wrote: Mount Abu in India is a great place for Reptiles. Atleast 16 species of Snakes are here (I have in my photo collection). The great work of Reptile rescue is being done by Kiran Chavda, Shailesh patel and the team. This forsten's cat snake is a rarity in Mount Abu. There are only 4-5 rescues from residential areas in 18 years time. They live in pairs, this one was rescued by Shailesh patel from the St. Mary School building. Jugal Tiwari 09414026156

Message from Yahoo group Naturepix message No. 6606

You can read the message at


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