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Posted by aditya on May 14, 2006


As every bird watcher knows morning time is best time for bird watching or evening time. But any time have You tried What are the activities at afternoon?

Yesterday I went with my friend Dr. Pramod Bansode[ One of the best bird watchers and Wildlife photographers] to see the afternoon activities.  The tremendous heat and initially no activity, which make us feel bored. But since we had expected it, we waited with patience. and as we know "Sabra ka phal Mitha hoto Hai!" .After Locating one small pond with water which was surrounded by many trees, we took our positions and started observing the birds. In starting there are 2 pairs of Red whiskerd bulbuls  in the water and their water play was going on and suddenly 6 jungle babblers arrived and started playing in water along with them; 1 pair of Magpie Robins and pair of Common indian Mynahs joined the water party. A wonderful play of all these birds we were watching on that day. There are other party animals too look Brahminy Skink, Rat snake and One  Common Indian Mangoose. For actual Detail report of this Article mail on


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