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Posted by Rauf Ali on June 23, 2006

Two astonishing features of the bill leap out: The process: we've wiped out the tiger in some places, so wiping out more habitat will ensure its future, according to the Tiger Task Force. Or should it be 'Task Farce'? More Lucid Logic: Since 10 lakh hectares of forest have already been destroyed after the Forest Conservattion Act was passed, its reasonable to advance the cutoff date for encroachers, etc. to the present, and thus destroy even more forest land. The politicians know what they are doing: expanding their vote banks even if it means the loss of most of our remaining forest. I'm not convinced the so-called tribal rights people have applied their minds to the issue. After all, people are people. Does anybody seriously believe that destruction will stop once control is handed over? Why not actually visit forest areas and spend serious time there in understanding the issues?
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