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Posted by Susan Sharma on July 19, 2006


The time has come for environmental education to move out of class rooms and address real problems out there. Environmental Education, I have always believed, is a life long learning subject. It cannot be straightjacketed as biology, chemistry, economocs law, etc- It has to take from all disciplines to be meaningful. This can really be achieved by any educated person.

We had an interesting chat on the topic with Lima Rosalind of WWF(I).

Read the transcript by clicking HERE.

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Susan Sharma says

June 18, 2015 at 12:34 AM

In a survey conducted by, 81% agreed that learning in a community/club is less stressful. 80% of the respondents also agreed that the online content spurs them on to read more about issues which concern them.
Although there are text books on Environment Education which are introduced in schools and colleges and distance education courses available online and offline, 99%of our respondents agreed that environment education is a life-long learning process. 82% of the respondents also felt that environment education is best imparted in an informal way.
90% of those surveyed agreed that environment education must have a basis on field reports and scientific data.

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