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Posted by Amin Adatia on July 27, 2006

Why would it matter when all I really want is some wood to burn to cook my food? Actually what I really want is some food to begin with. The real culprits are the "educated persons" who need the extras which directly or indirectly cause the polution/land-fills/Greenhouse Gases/. If it needs eduction to realize that polution is bad then I doubt if we are in a position to do anything about it. What kind of education is necessary to convince people in a village that it is not a good idea to use the streets as toilets, not to spit on the roads, not to sit in a smoke filled room, etc. Are we just worried about the North American style polution which is being imported by the rapidly expanding economies of India and China and Brazil? After all the education and talk, why have these new economies not started out with sound environmental practices? It is always the lure of the rupee and damn the environmental consequences; after all people and their lives are really worth very little compared to the profit to be made from the sale of the products.
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