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Posted by Raghavendra Rao on May 16, 2005


There is a question in "Any Other" from Mr. Jason from USA.  Mr. Jason, Tigers and Lions are still in India, but they do not occupy the same forest ranges.

The Tiger inhabits well covered grassland forests in the rainy forests. The Lion on the other hand inhabits a small pocket in India in Gir- Gujarath. These are scrub jungles, as the bush country in Africa. So there is no conflict between the two great cats in their natural environment. However talking about conflicts,sometimes by mistake a tiger and a lion have been put into the same moated enclosures and the tiger has always come out the victor.  Some zoos in India have witnessed this. Now for the sports arenas-there are no recorded instances of any tiger -lion confrontations for spectator entertainment. 

Lastly the Tiger and the Lion are both revered equally in Hindhu Mythology as the Steeds of Durga Matha - the Godess.  Does this satisfy your query are do you want to know more. Please feel free to ask.

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