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Posted by Susan Sharma on September 06, 2005


Dams in 11 States being pulled out in 2005 ( Source: Environment News Service 1 Sep 2005)

 56 Dams in 11 States in the U.S are being removed in 2005 according to the latest survey conducted by the Conservation Group "American Rivers".

This trend is the result of renewed appreciation for free flowing, healthy streams and ageing of much of the nation's dams infrastructure. 185 dams have been removed since 1999. Only about 3% of the dams in the U.S have hydroelectric turbines. Most were built for purposes such as running mills, controlling floods and creating water supplies or recreational parks.

"While dams can provide valuable services, the ecological price is high", American Rivers said. "Dams drown valuable habitat under reservoirs, block the annual migration of fish and can create downstream conditions inhospitable for fish and wildlife. Dams also create several safety hazards, some of which increase with age".

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