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Posted by Susan Sharma on December 04, 2007


Music in Nature Part 4: The Power of Music

I was shocked and saddened in early November with the news of an ecological disaster in the San Francisco Bay. Learning that the tragedy could have been prevented made me downright angry. I made it up to the Bay Area over Thanksgiving and on the way back stopped by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. My friend there told me about the video the Ocean Conservancy put out illustrating the fact that this accident was a "Preventable Tragedy." While very informative (and mind boggling why such a tragedy wasn’t prevented) it lacked something. It seemed slow. It needed music! Inspired, I spent a few hours putting together a track for them. I emailed the Ocean Conservancy and by the next morning the sparks were flying. I’m thrilled to be involved in such a project with such a wonderful organization. It just goes to show you - the power of music in film is endless and the power of being proactive can pay off huge. It feels great to make a difference doing what I love.

To view the original movie without music goto:

To view the version with music (and a few added zooms, etc.) goto:

To learn more about the spill goto:

Cody Westheimer is a composer living in Los Angeles, CA. To learn (and hear) more about Cody go to or email him at


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