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Posted by Makeup Sweden on March 22, 2021


This simple nose and mouth protectors shielding you from the deadly virus need to be of good quality and available to each and every onealso should be priced minimum so all can afford to have one feel safe and take primary actions to fight against corona virus. At makeup Sweden we have Make Up Store it can be a saver of lives in this situation where the spread of disease causing virus is swiftly happening causing numerous deaths.

These masks are much safer to use as they are made of layers no single layer so that it inhibits the entry of dust, microbes, germs and other disease causing contaminants through mouth or nose.If you are not a doctor treating corona virus infected patients then they must choose proper layered masks like Highlighter Palette if not then can wear simple surgical masks. This masks become safer if you use them wisely some points to keep in mind before you use the Make Up Kit or any other are basic rule is to sanitize before wearing, seal properly by selecting right size of mask, while removing remove from the elastic thread not to touch the mask directly, store in separate bags, wash masks with antiseptic liquids, if disposing it then need to sanitise again.

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