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Posted by Susan Sharma on November 25, 2005


The Ranganadi Hydroelectric project (Phase I)was commissioned in 2001. This phase involved inter-basin transfer of water from the Ranganadi to the Dikrong using a flow diversion plan. Due to protests by affected local people, the diversion of water is being done at a low key and in a secretive manner and only partial generation of electricity is taking place.

A study by Aranyak, an NGO, with the assistance of BNHS revealed that

  • The flow diversion, even at the subdued level, caused shallow flooding to occur, converting cultivable land into marshland.
  • Shifting of the river has resulted in rendering bridges built on it redundant, calling for redesigning and reconstruction of the entire PWD road network on the two banks of the river.
  • A fast diminishing fish population and the disappearance of river dolphins point to the pollution and silting , a direct result of the construction activities.

It is understood that Ministries of Water Resources and Power and allied agencies mark all important documents on water resource projects as ‘classified’, denying public access to such documents. But interventions in the natural flow regime of rivers are extremely crucial and sensitive issues, having far reaching implications on the lives and livelihoods of people downstream. Implementing such plans without prior knowledge of stakeholders, concealing crucial information from people who are potential victims of such maneuverings is in utter disregard and denial of citizens’ basic human and environmental rights.

( Courtesy BNHS issue dated Ap-June 2005)

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