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Posted by anil mahajan on July 17, 2012

Posted by anil mahajan on July 17, 2012


CHAATAK NATURE CLUB – A co-curricular activity with a mission. As a co-curricular activity,it offers opportunities to learn to develop skills to enjoy and care for nature.
  1. To promote interest and knowledge about the natural resources and the environment among the emerging generation.   
  2. To help young people experience the wonder of the nature and wilderness areas.
  3. To create awareness about environment friendly lifestyles.   
  4. To encourage conservation activities like Tree Planting, adapting exercises like Role plays, Jungle Walk, Bird Slide Show, Bird watching, Trekking and publishing magazines.  
  5. To undertake activities to nature and help the environment regenerate through activities like wild life photography, ornithology, trekking rock climbing getting close to nature through various programs like nature conservation music, nature games along with forest walks in night and nature trails during the day.
  6. To organize study tours and camps.
  7. To aware farmers about co-relation between agriculture and animals, birds, inspects
  8. To execute tree plantation in rural and urban areas. Arrange environmental awareness programs such as multipurpose development of forest resources and conservation of forest eco system and awareness of eco tourism.  
  9. To organize various programs for farmers, pulps wholesome that is mental intellectual social economical, physical, cultural, scientific etc. development and specially try to implement principles as embodies in the Indian constitution.  
  10. To form a society for ecotourism and agriculture centre without any political part.
  11. To organise environmental awareness, such as related to air, water soil, and pollution.  
  12. To undertake watershed activities in drought effected area.
  13. To restore the green cover by massive plantation in order to meet fuel and fodder to fulfil the need of the village itself.
  14. To organize group discussion seminar exhibition, competition and lecture services for farmers.


With regards
Anil Mahajan 08806198040
Founder President

Foundr President CHAATAK NATURE CONSERVATION SOCIETY, VARANGAON, Dist-Jalgaon(Maharashtra) India ·

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