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Posted by Susan Sharma on December 10, 2005


Every year thousands of well researched, poignant and informative documentaries are made on environment and nature related issues. Sadly these films are hardly seen by the public at large, since TV channels / theatres do not air them. As part of our efforts to give better visibility to these films we have been publishing synopsis of these films at

But the impact of films is best described by the viewers, for whom they are meant. Festival screenings and reviews tend to be more on the film-making aspects and less on content. But many of us, who continue to make environment/wildlife films despite all odds, do so because we believe that a picture speaks a thousand words. With dwindling wildlife species and diminishing forests threatening the basics of life like water and pure air, it is high time we spoke in thousands of words at a time rather than a few words at a time.

Some of you might have seen at least a few of the films listed on our site. This is an appeal to all to write reviews for the films they have seen and upload them at

under the topic" Film Reviews" As a member of you can upload your views at our weblog unedited by us. However, unrelated reviews/content will be deleted by us. 

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