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Posted by Uday on June 18, 2014


My first visit to Kanha was in the seventies whence I saw a beautiful tigress. The tiger reserve lies in the districts of Mandla and Balaghat. The landscape is the most striking feature of Kanha National Park in MP.

As you cross over the Indri Village the picturesque settings begins to enthrall you. The magical paradise appears as patches of forests alongside and table top mountains on far left. The drive encompasses through many tribal hamlets hanging listlessly in a bygone era. The tribal subsist of small fields around the villages which are not at all fit for agriculture. Nevertheless the quaint hamlets are part of the enchanting landscape and it is pleasing to see them around.    

The village bazaars accord life to the sleepy surroundings and the colors are fascinating. Ensembles of modern appendages appear as government offices of local level, dispensaries and schools. Some over bloated kirana shops or general stores supply urban products and food grains. The ever zigzagging rickety buses connect the interiors with Mandla and a larger agglomeration at Jabalpur City.   

As you proceed towards the Mochha village the scenic splendor begins to unfold. You can come across common animals like langur, spotted dear and often the barking deer. Leopards and tigers can appear during the night and so do the sloth bear in the buffer. Even the shy gaur venture out sometimes to the neighboring villages to forage on the fields.  

Mocha is the hub of hotel accommodations on the Khatia Gate. On the way you cross over the Kanhar Rivulet, Ghangar Nala and the Banjar River. These waterways are still ensconced in the prehistoric era with forests on shores laden with stones of dazzling hues and colors.  

The urbanity at Mochha takes you by surprise thanks to a large number of hotels and resorts, tea shops, stores, schools and the governing infrastructure. The accommodations range from budget to star properties that cater to upscale tourists.

During the seventies Moccha was a sleepy little village but no more as tourism grew I could see the transformation.  All the villages in the buffer zone and periphery are engulfed with patches of forests that are home to wild animals and amazing birds.  

The buffer forests offer excellent birding on foot which is a boon for the enthusiastic birders. The place I regularly visit for bird watching is the lake at Boda Chhapri. Along with my guests I  visit this enchanting water body without fail. The stillness of the place and the pristine forests accord tranquility and peace much wanted succor after hectic tiger safaris.     

The village walks washes away the leftover weariness. The small friendly tribal active in their daily routine offer a smoothing experience for those entrapped in the rat race of major towns. 

I work in one of the resorts in Kanha as naturalist and bird guide. This is a rare opportunity of combining work with pleasure. The Courtyard House is surrounded by Kanha Forests, water body and tribal fields. The hamlets are a little distance away. The evening sun downers under the Kanha starry night are often accompanied by the thrilling roar of the resident tiger.  Besides many jungle sounds this is the most exciting event at Courtyard House.     

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