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Posted by AarohamResorts on August 23, 2022


Growing up, I heard people talking about mountains with starry eyes. Almost everyone seemed astonished when I told them that I’d never seen a mountain. NEVER. My friends declared that I live under a rock. For a long time, I still didn’t seem to care about mountains.

What’s so enticing about a gigantic rock? Why are movies shot near them? Why do people go through the hassle of going to far-off hill stations? Why don’t people enjoy a vacation at a beach? Ultimately, you can touch the waves but not a mountain. Get in touch with us for a comfortable stay in the Aaroham Resorts as it is the Luxury Cottages in Bhimtal. 

I won’t lie, I have a bias toward beaches, oceans, and waterfalls. The calming sound of rippling water that reverberated through my soul never left room for obsession with mountains. Even as a child, whenever I was instructed to draw a landscape, I drew a sea view with palm trees and boats rather than mountains with the Sun peeking through its ranges. I couldn’t care less about the mountains as I’d never seen them in the first place.

Somehow, this narrative took a filmy turn and our family planned a trip to McLeodganj. We were supposed to reach there after paying a visit to Una in Himachal Pradesh. As someone who had just stepped into a teenager, I had this imaginary obligation to mock and joke about things. I cracked up at their names the moment I heard them from my mother.

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As the days went by and we got closer to the time for our trip, my curiosity awakened again. I was not excited but my mind seemed to hinge on one thought- Will I ever pick Mountains over Beaches by the end of my trip? Contact the Aaroham Resorts because it is one of the Best Resorts to Stay in Shimla.

I had an exam a day before we had to leave for the road trip. I slept in the car during the initial chunk of our journey as the exhaustion caused by exams and my curiosity didn’t let me sleep. The car hurtled all of a sudden. My eyes opened a bit and I saw that we were moving through really narrow pathways, almost spiraling around endlessly.

Towards my right was a huge rocky backdrop and towards the left, I saw an enthralling view. While it seemed horrific to imagine tumbling down that road, I got too busy enjoying the spellbound scenery in front of me. I couldn’t fathom the beauty of those enormous Mountain ranges and everything around it that only maximized my bliss.

All of it almost hypnotized me and I didn’t sleep for a second following my first encounter with the mountains. Visit the mountains of Dharamshala, to get an idea of a luxurious stay in Aaroham Resorts as it is the Best Resorts in Dharamshala. 

Our next stop was the Chintpurni Temple, the place had a strong divine vibe with thousands of devotees waiting to get a single glimpse of the Goddess’ eyes. The whole experience cleansed my soul. The mountains are in sight while you’re in the main complex of the temple. That was the defining moment of my unknown love for the mountains. The open space, fresh air, and sublime scenery made me realize that mountains deserve every bit of one’s obsession. Connect with the Top Resorts in Dalhousiefor an overwhelming stay in the Aaroham Resorts

Our last stop was McLeodganj. The hotel we checked in had beautiful rooms with cozy wood interiors. I spent most of my time looking at the view, it didn’t bore me for even a nanosecond. I still don’t have a reason as to why I felt at peace. Despite being far away and never ‘feeling’ those mountains, my soul felt connected to the mountains.

I could spend hours and hours sitting there, sipping coffee, and smiling at the realization of my new obsession. Yes, I left my heart in the mountains! If you are visiting the mountains of Manali then you should come to Aaroham Resorts, it is one of the Best Villas in Manali.

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