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Posted by rsrajawat on December 07, 2017


Soyou've decided to go on a trip to the Temple city Pushkar! First of all,congratulations on that decision. We bet you're going to have some of your bestmemories to carry home! The very famous Pushkartour packages have many things to offer to you, and no, we're not onlyreferring to the places you'll be visiting but also the many different types ofexperiences and learning’s you're going to take home! So yes, don't forget tocarry your diary and a pen to note record the beauties of the Temple city Pushkar!

Desertsand more....!

Onlytime knows how the myth of "All you get to see in Pushkar is the drydeserts" has been in circulation! It's time to burst the myth now! The templecity Pushkar is home to some of the best palaces and tourist attractions in Rajasthan!The dry deserts of Pushkar, nonetheless remains to be the best attraction butyou'll be pleased to see a lot of other attractions including the famouspalaces! There's a reason why destination weddings happen in Pushkar, right?

Thewar forts be the best!

Thewar forts seen in the city of Pushkar are the best ones. And we bet you'll goback to the good old historic times where wars were fought in real. If you're afan of super hero movies especially, you're going to love the war forts here.The structure of the forts, the pillars, the long view, the old rusted weaponsare going to give you a hint into the war scenes and you'll totally love it ifyou love watching wars fight scenes!

Thelakes of Pushkar

Thebest myth breaking fact is that Pushkar is a home to many beautiful lakes.These lakes are as green as any other lake in the not-so-dry states of India.There's boating in most of these lakes which explains why couples love to visitthese places. The most famous Foy sagar Lake is also a beautiful place to visitand ensure that's there on your way of Pushkar Tour package!

Thepalaces and the beautiful markets

Pushkaris home to many beautiful palaces of Rajasthan which explains why manydestination weddings happen in Pushkar! The royal palaces here will take youback to the beautiful royal days that the ancestors of Pushkar experienced!It's also a home to hundreds of beautiful local markets like Sarafa Bazaar, BazaBazaar and Kedalganj Bazaar that has world's best handmade stuff including clothes,silver jewellery, rose products, jewellery, hand bags and so on!

Soyeah, regardless of what Pushkar Tour Package you choose, you're totallyin for a treat! It's more than worth your time and money and you'll not regretvisiting it. Visit More about Rajasthan Tour Package.

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