Where in the Pyramid are You?

Environment Education Pyramid

Environment Education Pyramid

Irrespective of the Stage you join the Club, there is content of interest available.

IndianWildlifeClub.com started with the objective of creating awareness about the beauty and bounty of Nature and very early in its life, it evolved into a Community of Nature Lovers, sharing, developing content and learning together.

That saw our Members moving from Stage I to Stage VI ? starting by falling in love with the beauty of Nature and developing a conviction that adopting sustainable living practices is the way to go.        We are proud to see our Members become Ecology Conservation Warriors, initiating multiple programmes on-ground and growing the Community that learns together and enjoys a unique lifelong learning environment that IndianWildlifeClub.com provides its Members.

What do our members think?

Close to 300 responded to our Survey, Environment Education Online-Learning in a Community of Practice".

99% agree Environment Education is a life-long learning process 
82% agree Environment education is best imparted in an informal way 
81% agree Learning in a community/club is stress free 
80% agree Online content spurs them on to read more about issues which concern them.

Our recent addition of an individualised learning page for Members facilitates learning   

Index-based search of Subjects and Subject-Title provide access to entire Archives Our e-zines, Online Quiz, Chat Transcripts, Press News, forum posts, Photographs, Nature Stories and more

Validation by IIM Ahmedabad

Those who are interested can read an article by Dr. Susan Sharma which was published in the Newsletter of IIM, Ahmedabad.  The article is based on our Community, IndianWildlifeclub.com.  You can read it online at the link

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Quiz on Deer and Antelopes


Conservation of Marine Diversity in India

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