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Living With the Park

Living with The Park-Ranthambhore National Park
-Susan Sharma
Many of us have been following the struggles of Ranthambhore National Park, Rajasthan, India,  in saving its precious population of tigers.  Most of us in the North have visited the Park at least once.  All of us have watched HD movies of the magnificent tigers of Ranthambhore on National Geographic and Discovery.  Recently the Park was in news when 'T24' killed a guard and the tiger was shifted out of the Park.

Can we consider the National Park as an island and protect it?  This question will come to us often as we watch "Living With the Park-Ranthambhore National Park".   Please watch our documentary in English or Hindi and express your opinion on the you tube channel of IndianWildlifeClub,   Needless to say, the opinions expressed in the documentary are those of the protagonists and have to be received as such. 

Here are the links. 
Living with the Park in Hindi- Part II

Living with the Park in Hindi - Part I

Living With the Park-Part II 

Living with the park-Part I

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