“Adventure” at Agra Fort

'I believe any trip in search of wildlife can be coupled with physical activity and elements of cultural diversity to form a thrilling opportunity '
John H.Eickert

Adventure is an act of placing oneself into an unfamiliar situation then partnered with vigorous activity creating a situation, which makes the heart, beat faster, the mind spin, and the lungs pump. Perhaps the most important element of adventure is the unfamiliar, the going into the unknown where the outcome of the event is not certain. The American, Helen Keller, once wrote, “Life is an adventure, if nothing at all.” I would add that adventure could be entered into without intention.

I watched the sunrise on the Taj Mahal then decided to walk the distance to the Agra Fort or Red Fort along the banks of the Yamuna River . I previously noticed a young European girl at the Taj Mahal and was now following her at a distance with the hope of meeting her. She was not unattractive. She walked at a brisk pace and it was difficult to keep up. In Nehru Park , very near the Red Fort, she stopped and chatted with a local man. I gladly slowed down and watched. They chatted briefly, then he handed her what appeared to be some money. She continued and I hurriedly followed. We arrived at the entrance gate, and after purchasing a ticket, she joined a tour group. I did the same, doing my best to be near her without being too aggressive. She smelled wonderful and was more attractive up close than from afar. She was friendly with everyone in our group and was instantly liked. I convinced myself she was flirting with me. As we toured and listened, I could feel my heart beat faster, my mind swirl, and breathing become quick and shallow. At the terrace near the Black Marble Throne, overlooking the Yamuna our group stopped and the guide who had been lecturing our group started in about the Hindu architecture. Our tour and lecture were near their end. I felt it was time to make my move. Just then, the man from Nehru Park interrupted our guide and began providing more information. The small man was an excellent speaker and he ended by inviting us to his small shop, near the gate, for tea and a chance to view precious gems. The girl I had been following seemed overly delighted with the invitation and her enthusiasm soon had the entire group in agreement to visit the man's shop for tea and a chance to purchase precious gems.

Had I not seen the girl and the man together in the park I probably would have gone along to the shop after the tour ended, but the spell her looks cast on me was broken. I realized she worked for the shop owner and once the group was at the shop, she would encourage the tourists to spend their money on his trinkets. Composed and thinking again, I decided to walk back to the Taj Mahal.

The spirit of adventure is everywhere in our daily lives, even in a casual walk between known places. Cheers.

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