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IndianWildlifeClub in Competition!

Your website has been entered into a competition called “We Media Pitch It Challenge” –How can we use media to inspire a better world?

The finalists will be announced on 3rd February 2010. Given below is the link of the online entry. Comments by the IWC community are welcome.


You can add the comments/suggestions on the entry itself. If you are unable to do so, please send them by email to susan_sharma@hotmail.com

Here is what IWC members had to say about the Club in the past!

Anantha Narayanan | Jan 20, 2009

 I feel welcome and among friends in this website. It directly talks about animals, plants and the environment. It does not frighten the visitor with technology. It stays exactly what it promises to be - a meeting place for persons concerned with the environment - as represented by the diverse species that inhabit it. I find valuable information in this site and I feel inspired by the joy with which other members have posted articles, reports and bits of news on the site. I am no wildlife specialist, my interest is in making science available to lay persons. So I send to this site those of my pieces, all which deal basically with some scientific principle or discovery, which relate to animals, plants or the environment. I feel validated when I receive e-mail responses from members of this site. The monthly chat sessions are anchored by a specialist in the subject being covered and the participants are personally interested in the subject. The proceedings are, naturally, rich and cover the subject from many angles. But even if one cannot make it at the time and date of the chats, one can log on to the website at any time and it is time well spent!

Ashish Shah | Jan 21, 2009

Hand holding and networking to protect wildlife

Ashish Shah Environment Educator

Indianwildlifeclub.com is the appropriate forum to share, discuss and cultivate your interests and knowledge about the wildlife in India. As an environment educator I recommend the site to many people who come in contact with me with an interest in wildlife. The club is an excellent tool for amateur people who are interested in cultivating further their nascent interest in wildlife of India. The online club helps new members to network with the experienced people. This encourages them to pursue their interest in wildlife and enhances their knowledge. The network of people with the Indian wildlife club forms persuasive and powerful lobby that works at legislative level to put in place laws for protection of wildlife in India. This is a very important part considering the kind of democracy we have in India.

 Ajit Seshadri | Jan 21, 2009

Apt communication to make aware and participate

We are from an Ngo- The Vigyan Vijay Foundation- www.vigyanvijay.org, have been associated with Youth for Environment- programs. This web site of Indian Wildlife club, has been helpful to our youth and also have given us an opportunity to discuss with specialists in varied fields, who can make a difference in this developing world. This website is very friendly and all of us can do the chat easily on burning issues. Such communication is welcome for youth and also environmental and wild life enthusiasts. Hence all of us ably support and keep the pro-active information flowing. We give our well wishes to the Indian Wildlife Team and keep up the good work. One suggestion I have, there is a demand for Hindi speakers to enroll, how can they do it..pl do think on these lines. because once we get Hindi-chat then the group will be very large.

 Once again well wishes from VigyanVijay

 AjitSeshadri The Vigyan Vijay Foundation

 Thomas Chacko | Jan 21, 2009

 Down to earth through the net

 Yes, that is the way you can see the Indian Wildlife club. A place for promoting a down to earth topic of wild life through us of information technology. It offers the educated thinking Indians a place to guide the emergence of India; a country that once was a cradle of civilization, now "developing" to catch up with the advanced countries. But a vast country cannot develop so fast like smaller nations in Asia like Korea and Singapore. India is a world in itself, and the present day economic development needs balance with the country's geography and demography. Wild life may be a hobby for the developed world citizen. But it is a basic need for a large number of rural Indians; their survival is knowingly or unknowingly linked to that. In a changing India, where the youth looks to city life as the equivalent of 'development', a community for spreading and practicing awareness on the core realities like wild life is a must. The best place to promote and practice it over the web, which is the emerging platform for communication for the children/youth who form more than 50% of the one billion Indian populations. It is soon going to be true that the young Indians would have known or seen the rest of his country, its flora and fauna over the wide spreading internet connection than in reality. Fascination will next make him travel and see and enjoy what he saw virtually. On such a broad landscape, the Indian wild life club needs support and encouragement from all the world "netizens".

Sanjay Kaul | Jan 21, 2009

A site for sore eyes!

While I get to work with a number of activists and NGOs in almost every sphere of governance, Dr. Susan Sharma's efforts at connecting ordinary people with the lost domain of wildlife [and indeed conservation] through the internet is a sublime representation of what is possible within the realm of a virtual world with silent persistence and deep commitment. Although personally interested in environment and nature, I admit that it would be well nigh impossible for people like me to garner enough time or indeed motivation to actually step out and take the tour or indulge in this luxury we so often want. The Indian Wild Life Club steps in to fill in the blanks and provides a wonderfully insightful, involving mechanism to do just that. It is possible that for a number of people - children and adults alike - the experience of pristine wildlife and its manifestations may actually only be limited to Dr. Susan Sharma's site - and while that looks like a pity, one has to be thankful to her for it.... Also: having attended one of the club's meetings last year and the filled to capacity auditorium as the seminar and film show got on, I am more than convinced about its relevance and interest for people like us. 

 Sanjay Kaul


People's Action New Delhi, INDIA

 R Agarwala | Jan 22, 2009

 Increasing awareness

The website connects many like minded people and also exposes others to why we need to conserve and preserve nature. It is important that such kind of efforts by a group of individuals is further bolstered so that they reach out to more and more persons in their effort.

Annie Mathew | Jan 22, 2009

Many of us love flora and fauna

Many of us love flora and fauna but have neither the time nor the opportunity to experience it. Indian Wildlife Club helps ordinary people like me to connect with the vast heritage of wild life in India easily and simply through the Internet. The information available on this site is both valuable and inspiring and covers a wide range of subjects. Kudos to Dr. Susan Sharma for creating such an eye-opening and fascinating website.

 jayanth sharma | Jan 23, 2009

 Wild Bytes

The IWC is good because it brings us face to face or screen to screen with different experts on ecology, be they birders, park rangers, eminent conservers, wildlife lawyers etc. The Club has good interactive features that enable the common man to learn some basic things like how to compost at home, identifying bird calls, and general updates on Indian wildlife news and policies.

Amin Adatia | Jan 24, 2009

Raising Awareness is the Key

Indian Wildlife Club provides the opportunity to learn and teach about the conservation of wild life and the issues associated with unplanned tourism development.

Mohan Ranganathan | Jan 24, 2009

Community of Practice for nature lovers

The Indian Wildlife Club web site reveals the passion, steadfastness, seriousness, sense of purpose, depth and focus of an individual who has tried to make people aware of all things connected with Mother Nature in general and Indian wild life in particular. It has provided very good opportunity to interested and like-minded people to get ideas and opinions together for a common cause. It is relevant to note that the approach to whole thing is holistic and every facet of the problem is touched upon in this site. This site provides information suitable for a whole gamut of interested persons, be it a beginner or an enthusiast

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