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Quiz on large mammals


Some points regarding your last quiz answers:

1. Gorillas are the largest primate, ranging in size from 150cm for females
and 185 for males. They are highly dimorphic with females weighing 70-114 kg and
males averaging 160kg. They have robust bodies, long muscular arms, short legs,
massive heads, and males have large sharp canine teeth. Mountain gorillas differ
from other gorillas in having longer hair, larger jaws and teeth, smaller nose,
and shorter arms.

2. Gangetic dolphins do have dorsal fin, though not very prominent and according
to my understanding the real peculiarity about them is their pin hole eyes. They
were earlier considered totally blind but now some scientist believe that they
use their diminished sight for finding direction( Lal Mohan, Assam)

Please elaborate further if you think that the answer given on wildlife club web
site are correct.


From Simon Evans" <>

Pro - poor tourism research

I am currently head of tourism studies at Anglia University in England. My research specialisms are ecotourism and wildlife conservation. I am currently embarking upon a research project considering the validity of pro-poor ecotourism development as a potential tool for wildlife conservation. I am contacting you in the hope that you may be able to offer any comments or advice to me at the research design stage. At this point I am particularly interested in the problems encountered within the Indian protected area system and the role of tourism in contributing (or otherwise) to wildlife conservation.
I would be most grateful for any views or advice you may be able to offer and will keep you in touch with the findings of the research. Thank you for your help in this matter.
Kind Regards

Simon Evans

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