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Right Answer to Quiz on Reptiles

1.This snake is found only in Asia. Its venom is a powerful neurotoxin that causes respiratory failure.
  • Viper
  • Krait
  • Cobra

  • 2.Russels Viper, found in Asia and China ..............
  • has a hemotoxic venom
  • is not venomous
  • has a neurotoxic venom

  • 3.Which is the largest venomous snake in the world ?
  • Anaconda
  • Rattlesnake
  • King Cobra

  • 4."Ophiphagus"; ie, they eat only snakes is a term used for
  • King Cobra
  • Python
  • Boa costrictor

  • 5.The largest, most conspicuous lizards, of India is called
  • Gecko
  • Water monitor
  • Comodo Dragon

  • 6.The only snake to make a nest to lay eggs is,
  • Rat snake
  • Rattle snake
  • King Cobra

  • 7.Why is the term cold blooded not very appropriate for reptiles?
  • The metabolism of reptiles can generate internal heat for temperature control
  • Reptiles swallow large prey whole to provide enough food to generate body heat
  • Reptiles do regulate body temperature by using behavioural adaptations

  • 8.This species of crocodile feed exclusively on fish.
  • Muggers
  • Gharial
  • Salt Water crocodile

  • 9.This snake is endangered and near threatened (IUCN)
  • Indian Python
  • Krait
  • Common Cobra

  • 10.Name the snake that has vestigal hindlegs
  • Watersnake
  • Mangrove snake
  • Boa constrictor

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