A heritage hotel which is eco-friendly

A heritage hotel which is eco-friendly

-Susan sharma

“As tourism evolved globally from a business model into a tool for ensuring uniform diffusion of the socio-economic benefits, as well as a means of conservation with respect to biodiversity (a topic now increasingly coming under the scanner, but more due to mismanagement rather than a flaw in the concept),niches like eco tourism, responsible tourism, sustainable tourism started emerging, bound together by a common idea;  but the approach differing in the sect of the natural and built environment they sort to address.”  See more at:

It is rarely one finds that a commercial hotel in the heart of the City (in this case Nainital”) tries to strike a balance with nature.  

HotelHimalaya in Nainital-Walking down the cobbled path from the hotel to the lake

Wooden flooring and ceiling coupled with wooden furniture and a fireplace makes a cosy room.  The light switches are also old fashioned, completing the heritage look

It is rarely one finds that a commercial hotel in the heart of the City (in this case Nainital”) tries to strike a balance with nature. 

Wake up to the call of Koels at 4 AM , followed by numerous bird calls and the sparrows taking over the music and the verandahs of the hotel soon.  This unique experience before the city sounds took over made me realise that we can bring nature into any space if we are sensitive and alive to it.

If you're a bird lover like me, and want to draw a diverse range of bird life to your yard,you'll need more than just a birdbath or bird feeder.  The ambience has to be inviting, an area of abundant bushes,  trees and flowers that attract and make local birds feel at home.

The unique idea of having a mini golf course surrounded by a garden full of local flowers and plants is the USP of Hotel Himalalya. 

The picturesque entrance to a well laid out mini golf course.  

Free training is provided by Gita Shah, Owner,  to aspiring golfers

Just 15 km away is Pangot, that unique village where bird density must be maximum compared to any other village in India.  The whole village is” living in harmony with birds”.  

Swallows make home on top of a light switch in the local tea stall. 

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