Appeal to IWC Members

Appeal to IWC Members
-Team IWC

Please spare two minutes and respond to our online survey.  The survey has 11 questions.  The last question asking for your mobile number can be omitted. If you had problems completing the survey due to question No. 12, please attempt the survey again omitting question no.12.

The survey can be accessed at

Background for doing the survey

One of  the ides under consideration to enrich and expand our outreach programs is

Developing a mobile application to connect IWC members in a City/State so that they can come together under a local leader/facilitator to implement a local project with the mentorship of IWC experts.    The plan involves assigning to each such local chapter a mentor and a few resource persons who will identify projects for environment conservation that the group will take up for implementation in the local area. The resource persons will collate and upload scientific and project data so that outcomes could be monitored and best practices identified for transfer to other chapters. . Our mobile App will create the necessary buzz, deliver local specific knowledge Inputs  and keep  the link to the host site always ‘on’

Analysis of your responses will help us approach funding agencies who can finance this ambitious project.

If you own a website of your own, please put the following button on your site or blog.   (Cut and paste the html code given below.)

<a href = ''>

<img border ='0'

alt = '' 

width = '88'

src = ''

height = '31'/>


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