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Are we doing enough to conserve natural water bodies?

Are we doing enough to conserve natural water bodies?
Susan Sharma
(With inputs from Ashish Shah, Anita Nandkumar and Vivek Kamboj)

With the tools of technology available today, it is possible to get facts at our finger tips to drown the noise when it comes to water conservation efforts.  Google maps are a great help to pin point water bodies and rivulets near the area one is living.  An aware citizenry can bring the existence of these water bodies to the knowledge of those who matter and make sure that these bodies are revived.  Depleting ground water levels are staring at us and the future generations, threatening to make water a rare commodity available only to those who can buy it at exorbitant prices.

A close up of embankment to direct rain water to the lowest point in the region.

An effort undertaken by IWC members from Gurgaon to document some of the water bodies in the Aravali region has been uploaded at 

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