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ENVIRON magazine - A review

ENVIRON -a Review
-Anirban Chowdhury

Environ is a quarterly magazine for people who are nature and wildlife Lovers.   It is published from Kolkata in English.  

The first issue of the "Environ" quarterly magazine was published in 1993 and was  devoted to creating a stronger bond between humanity and nature.  "Environ" has since become an  established medium for nature enthusiasts in the country and abroad to showcase their skills in nature writing and wildlife photography and it has remained true to the core conviction- to inform, inspire, and engage humanity in becoming a significant force for defending the natural world. Every issue of Environ highlights places of known and lesser known natural importance in India and abroad, educates the readers on various emerging issues, discusses different threats and opportunities for the natural world and celebrates the joys of wilderness and helps develop a personal bond with nature.

The Birds Special issue for September has  the picture of the Indian Pitta gracing the cover.

"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”- look around your surroundings for such simple beauties and they will present themselves in front of you! Likewise the beauty of the bird life never fails to unveil itself to the passionate birder, be it a bird sanctuary, a rural country side or an urban city life!!We are celebrating the simplicity and the elegance of these flying beauties of nature in the next issue of "Environ" dedicated to birds around the country.  This BIRDS SPECIAL issue will be available soon.  Get a copy and be a part of this celebration."

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The last issue was dedicated to nature spots and wildlife in Kashmir. will soon make available these wonderful magazines for subscription online. 

(Anirban is a keen naturalist and can be contacted at

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