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News and Views

You must be noticing some changes on the appearance of  We are finally a "responsive"
 website in Google terms.  That means the site will sense whether you are visiting from a smartphone or desktop and accordingly present the content to you.

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We hope this will soon become a documenting tool for those of you who travel and take photographs.  

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Illegal wildlife and zero tolerance toward poaching was the theme for this year's World Environment Day.  This unusual theme is indicative of a more holistic approach toward Planet Earth.  Our short video to mark the occasion can be watched at

8th of June is celebrated as World Oceans Day.   Not surprisingly, the theme is keeping the oceans healthy.   Has it occured to us that every piece of plastic we throw away may be finally ending up in the ocean?  The nature of plasic -its non biodegradable nature-ensures that it stays on the earth long enough till the rains/rivers carry it to the oceans.  

Watch the you tube video we have put together to mark the World oceans day

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