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Right Answers to `Elephants-Part III`

Last month no one has given all right answers, only has given 8 right answers

Quiz on elephants: Correct answer is shown in bold letters.

1. The word 'elephant' is derived from the Greek word 'elephas' which means....

• huge ivory • trunk

2. Which of the following does an elephant NOT use his trunk for?..

• drinking • feeling fighting

3. When an elephant is killed, others will do what?.

Place twigs on it and mourn • Bury it where they are •Eat it

4.The African elephant is the largest f all land animals. What is the average weight for a male?

6 tons • 3 tons • 10 tons

5. Which of the following threatens the Asian population of elephants most?

•ivory hunters restriction of their habitat •poaching.

6. Why do elephants sway back and forth? .

•9They sense danger Because they are bored • Because of their weight

7. How old can an average elephant live in the wild?

•100 years • 50 years 60 years

8.How many 'lips' do African elephants have on the end of their trunks?

•none •one two

9. Elephant's heart beats ………………... times in a minute

•60-90 •90-120 25-30

10.Elephants have a bad sense of what?

•smell sight •hearing

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