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Posted by Susan Sharma on September 11, 2006


BNHS ( Bombay Natural History Society) is an NGO working silently and persistently for conservation. For the last five years they have been working to save the grasslands around Naliya in Kutch (Gujarat), where 25-30 Great Indian Bustards and 40-45 Lesser Floricans are found. Finally they have managed convincing the Gujarat Government to transfer the land to the Forest Department for maintaining it as a bustrad/florican habitat.

Read the full story in the Newsletter Sep-Oct 2006 available online at


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Dr.Susan Sharma says

June 27, 2010 at 07:22 AM

Great Indian bustards were once found in great numbers in Karera bird sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh.
In an attempt to save the 15 or so birds left, the area was classified as a sanctuary in 1981.
The population grew for a few years to up to 40 birds, but it has since dropped steadily and not a single Great Indian bustard has been sighted since 1994.
In view of this, the state government has sent a proposal to the central government to declassify the sanctuary.
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